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Darting through the shadows
Dancing in the light
Spreading joyous spirit
On whatever lies in sight

Pixies are the holders
Of all that fun and glee
They spread it out to others
And do it happily

Always thinking of others
That may need a little lift
So they flutter on over
And leave a little gift

Sprinkling pixie dust and spirit
All over the place
Then off like a flash
To rejoin the race

Thank you Pixies for a WONDERFUL job!!!

Devil Wolf
Date unknown

Did you ever have a bad day? This one was written when I was having an especially difficult day. *G*

Sanity Test

bouncin off the walls and babbling a song
actin like nothin in the world is wrong
meanwhile the hair is flyin
gettin really tired of tryin
the world is crazy it isn't really me
at least that's the way it seems to be
I'm saner than most they always say
then why is it going all wrong today?

Devil Wolf
Date Unknown

This one was written about a very special dog. She's our dog Lady. It's about her life before she came to us and what kind of horrible ordeal she had to put up with at the hands of her previous owner. She's loving and trusting with us, but anyone else beware!!

Journey to Viciousness
The Tale of a Junk Yard Dog

Loving trusting eyes
Would follow you through your day
Hoping for a kind word
Or a gentle touch today

You put her on a chain
And left her all day long
She didn't understand
What it was that she'd done wrong

You didn't give her shelter
To get in out of the rain
She gave you love and trust
All you gave to her was pain

She'd wag her tail with happiness
And greet you each time you came
But that wasn't what you wanted
So you beat her til she was lame

When the leg was mended
And she could finally walk
She'd growl and try to bite you
Each time you stopped to talk

One day you came too close
And she bit you on the arm
So with a board you broke her nose
How dare she cause you harm

The love and trust were faded
Replaced with fear and hate
Could this dog be rescued
Or was it really too late

Devil Wolf

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