Silent Night
The First Christmas Present

The lonely figures
softly talked
Seeking shelter
as they walked

Visiting inns
of every sort
"They're all filled up"
was his report

She being so heavy
with child
just nodded tiredly
and sadly smiled

"Just hold me gently
hold me tight
somehow I know
things will be alright"

God in his wisdom
saw their need
and bade them to settle
where animals feed

The manger was lowly
such a humble place
but there was no denying
the look on her face

"This place is perfect"
she said to the man
"Now lay down here
and rest if you can"

The night got so silent
so peacefully still
then a star began rising
the sky began to fill

The angels were singing
a chorus above
sharing the glorious
gift of love

God loves his children
with the purest of hearts
all He asks in return
is to do your parts

Love one another
be kind to man
share this gift
whenever you can

LOVE is the best present
you can ever give
It has great value
wherever you live

God gave you his son
as the very first gift
He gave you his love
to give life a lift

Now don't waste such a
precious treasure
Love never dies
It lives forever.

Devil Wolf

My Christmas wish to you and yours: May you find peace and happiness in your life as I have. And may you find love overflowing. *S* Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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