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My First Award

Given by Shady Sadie and Kalidor
.....two very funny people!

A really nice guy and a terrific site to see....

A wonderful wolf site. The love of the wolf comes through bright as day. A must see for any wolf lover.....*S*

A really sweet lady with an adorable little son. Check out her page and say hello.

Thank you Poppa Cat

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your friendship and all that you do for me. You are a TRUE friend and for that I am very thankful that we have met. Love and hugs to you!
Thank you Kelly/Echo!!

Thank you Gentle Touch for this wonderful award. I'm deeply honored.

Thank you DragonRider for this terrific looking award.

You're most welcome for the help! *G*

WAHOO!! Look what I won!

WAHOO!! Look what else I won!

I am the Assistant leader for the Enchanted Kingdom and the Wolf Pack. As well as the team leader for the Teddy Bear Parade. Thanks Jackhammer for the team leader graphics! *hugs*

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Sept 28th/99